Once again next year, the privilege to park at North High will continue to be tied to student daily attendance.

In order to maintain a parking pass, student attendance must stay at 90% or above.  Attendance will be reviewed at the end of each quarter.  Students who have an attendance rate below 90% will be placed on probation.  Students with an attendance rate below 85% will lose their privilege to park.  Absences due to serious illness or extreme circumstances may be appealed through Mr. Pohlman’s office and the building attendance committee.

Parking permits will become available at three times throughout the summer. 
June 3rd through June 27th
- Seniors with an attendance rate above 90% for the previous school year will have access to parking.
July 1st through July 30th - Seniors with an attendance rate below 90% and Juniors with a rate above 90% will have access to parking.
All others will be able to apply for available parking during or following schedule pick up days at the end of July.

Students will need to complete these three steps:
1. Complete the online application supplied at the various release dates throughout the summer.  
Once the online application is completed, the student’s attendance rate will be verified. 
THIS STEP CAN BE COMPLETED AT ANY TIME.  Once all permits are issued, students will be placed on a waiting list.  The position on the waiting list will be determined by grade level then the time this application was completed.

2.Print the parking contract.  
The contract must be signed by the student and a guardian.

3.Bring the signed contract to Ms. Hannar’s office
Once the application is complete, bring the following items to Ms. Hannars office:
The signed parking contract
Up-to-date proof of insurance
Payment in the form of cash or a personal check
A year-long permit is for North High is $50.00.

The O’Fallon Elks charge $10 per month or $80 for a full year.  Students will be offered these permits once the North High lot is full. A refund will be provided if a student is able to move from the Elks lodge on to campus.
Checks for either location should be made payable to FZN.  Once the payment is made the student will be able to pick his or her desired parking spot.

Please find the link to the 2019-2020 parking application below.

Unfortunately, students often forget to complete one or more of these steps.  This results in multiple trips up to school over the summer as well as frustration on the part of the student and the parents.  PLEASE read the instructions carefully and make sure you have everything before making the trip.

Please find the link to the 2019-2020 parking application below.

Parking Appeal Form
Parking Contract