In recent years the number of students wishing to park on our lot has grown beyond the number of spaces we have available.  Separately, the Fort Zumwalt Board of Education as well as the state of Missouri has stressed the importance of regular student attendance.  These two factors have led to a change in our parking policy.


Beginning with the 2017 - 2018 school year, members of the Junior and Senior class will be required to maintain a 90% daily attendance rate in order to be eligible to park on the North High lot.  Freshmen and Sophomores will not be eligible.  


At the end of each quarter, attendance, GPA, and after school involvement will be reviewed.  If a student’s attendance rate falls below 85%, the pass will be revoked.  Students who have an attendance rate between 85% and 90% will be placed on probation with the opportunity to raise their attendance rate to 90% before the end of the next quarter.  Students with excessive Late Arrivals or Early Departures may also lose their space or be placed on probation.  Students will have the right to appeal their absences to a building attendance committee.


Members of the Senior class with 90% attendance will be able to obtain their parking spaces beginning the first week of June.  Juniors with 90% attendance and Seniors with less than 90% will be able to apply beginning the first week of July.  Students will be able to choose their parking space on a first come, first served basis.


This policy is designed to reward our kids who are doing the right thing and making it to school every day.  It is designed to serve as an incentive for our kids who have trouble deciding whether or not to do the right thing.

How to Apply for Parking

Parking permits will become available at three times throughout the summer.

  • June 1st- Seniors with an attendance rate above 90% for the previous school year will have access to parking.

  • July 1st- Seniors with an attendance rate below 90% as well as Juniors with a rate above 90% will have access to parking.

  • All others will be able to apply for available parking during or following schedule pick up days at the end of July.


Once a student is eligible to apply for parking they will need to follow three steps

  • Complete the online application supplied at the various release dates throughout the summer.  Once the online application is completed, the student’s attendance rate will be verified.

  • At the end of the survey students will need to print the parking contract.  The contract must be signed by the student and his or her guardian.

  • The student will bring the signed contract, up-to-date proof of insurance,  as well as payment to Mrs. Hannar.  Payment for a year long permit is $50.00.  Checks should be made payable to FZN.  Once the payment is made the student will be able to pick his or her desired parking spot.


Please find the link to the 2018-2019 parking application below.