Yearbook Senior Ads 22

Create a 2022 Senior Ad today and

Celebrate Everything!

  A great way to applaud all of your senior’s fun, friendships, activities and accomplishments. 


Find help at 1-800-944-5930 to complete your order.


1. Go to

2. Select the “Shop My School”

3. Search for and select Fort Zumwalt North High

4. Click on the yearbook

5. Enter your student information and select "Shop for this student". 

6. Select the ad size you would like to purchase for your student. 

7. "Add to your cart"

8. Create an account or enter your account information 

9. Sign in and pay for your ad. A notice will appear that informs you that an email will be sent in the next 24 hours. 

10. After the email has been received you are able to create your senior’s ad 

Our school reserves the right to edit ads based on school policy and yearbook guidelines. 


Early Bird Price

Due by October 11

Regular Price

Due by January 10

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