Class of 2020 Senior Dues



Juniors, your senior dues for senior activities and apparel  will be due by May 28, 2019

If your dues are NOT paid by the end of THIS SCHOOL year, you will not receive a fall senior shirt.  Fall shirts will be handed out Wed/July 31st at senior registration. Please wear your fall shirt the first day back, and let everyone know you ARE A SENIOR!  

The payment of $40.00 covers the cost of:

Welcome Back Senior Breakfast Senior Zoo Trip

End of the Year Senior Breakfast Senior Bar-B-Q

Fall Senior T-Shirt Senior Lanyard

Senior Last Recess Senior Hall Decorations

Prizes for Chalk Your Spot Senior Class School Gift

Quarter Pizza Days Senior Balloons


Spring Senior T-Shirt Senior Ceiling Tile

Name: _____________________________________________________ (print)

T-Shirt Size (Circle)    S  M     L XL      XXL XXXL

Paid: Checks to FZN/ Check #____________   or Cash (Circle)

All payments are to be given to Mrs. Nesslage or placed in the Senior Blue Mailbox outside room 410.   If you do NOT pay your senior dues by the end of this  school year, you will NOT receive a FALL SENIOR SHIRT. Shirts  are ordered in June based on who has paid.