Hall of Fame 2018

mennemier pic  Lawrence Mennemeier (Class of 1976)

A Renaissance Man dating all the way back to his high school years, Lawrence Mennemeier was involved in countless activities. He was the O'Fallon Regional Science Fair Grand Prize Winner, a first place winner in the Mark Twain Art Show, while also a varsity wrestler and football player, just to name a few. Not surprisingly, he was selected by his classmates as, "Most Likely To Succeed," and succeed he most certainly has.  Mr. Mennemeier earned Bachelor's Degrees in Mathematics and in Computer and Information Sciences, and a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of California, Santa Cruz.  Mr. Mennemeier also passed the Patent Bar Exam at the United States Patent and Trademark Office to become a registered Patent Agent.  He, himself, is an inventor with more than 80 patents awarded in the United States, in the fields of Computer Architecture, Hardware Implementations and Software Methods; while also holding numerous corresponding patents in Europe and Asia. What’s more, Mr. Mennemeier was one of the principal computer architects responsible for Intel’s MMX™ Technology  and Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE), which paved the way for processing digital signals for streaming video and music, photographs and modern 3D graphics on personal computers and smartphones.  In fact, he literally “wrote the book” on this topic, as he helped author “The Complete Guide to MMX™ Technology.” Mr. Mennemeier is presently sole proprietor, Patent Agent and Intellectual Property Consultant, at Mnemoglyphics, LLC in Santa Clara County, California.  As if all of this wasn’t impressive enough, Mr. Mennemeier contributed a drawing to the Moon Arts Project and his drawing will be etched onto a sapphire disc of drawings and sent to the Moon from Cape Kennedy in Florida.            


woelfel pic  Dr. Stacey Woelfel (Class of 1977)

When reflecting on his experiences in Fort Zumwalt, Dr. Woelfel said that something that stood out was, “the serendipitous way high school led me to my career of now nearly 40 years. I went through school intending to go to college as a music major and become a professional orchestra musician. But as I was finishing my required credits, I found I had room for a lot of electives.  Many of my friends were in the journalism class, so I decided to take it, too—not because I had ever considered journalism, but just for the social nature of being in class with my friends.  This chance enrollment ended up with my working for the school paper, writing stories and taking photos. I instantly fell in love with the world of journalism, attended the Missouri School of Journalism and have made a career out of it that has brought me so much satisfaction.”  In his 32 years on the faculty of the Missouri School of Journalism at the University of Missouri, he spent 28 years as a manager at KOMU-TV, the NBC affiliate that serves as the teaching lab for the school, including 24 years as news director, the person in charge of the news operation. Dr. Woelfel now serves the director of the Jonathan B. Murray Center for Documentary Journalism, teaching graduate and undergraduate students interested in a career as a documentary filmmaker.  Dr. Woelfel is also the winner of the national Payne Award for Ethics in Journalism, the national Edward R. Murrow award for overall excellence, multiple Emmy awards, Sigma Delta Chi awards, Missouri Broadcaster awards and Heart of America journalism awards.



hawkins pic  Mr. Bob Hawkins (Class of 1981)

After graduating from Fort Zumwalt, Mr. Hawkins would go to work for Martell Concrete and Whitaker Homes as a concrete finisher.  In 1998 he and his wife started their own company out of their home: Hawkins Construction and Flatwork Contracting Co., Inc. Wanting to stay and work in, and for, their community, in 2001 they would build a building and yard for their business behind O’Fallon Plaza.  Mr. Hawkins has been in the concrete industry for the past 37 years.  He specializes in several aspects of the concrete industry and have been involved in a wide range of concrete projects in the St. Louis and surrounding areas as well as out-of-state projects. He has been an acitve member of Site Association and the Concrete Council for several years and has been recognized locally and nationally for his work. Just as importantly, Mr. Hawkins has donated his services and assisted in several local private and community projects to enhance our community at large. When asked about his favorite teachers, Mr. Hawkins cited both Mrs. Lee Barton and Coach Bob Fisher, noting how they each had unique ways of teaching and reaching out to students. And when asked about his favorite memory while in Fort Zumwalt Mr. Hawkins reminiced back to, “making various sports teams as a freshman and getting to wear the Green & Gold!”



morey pic  Dr. Susan Morey (Class of 1986)

Before she became Dr. Morey, Susan Morey was a member of nearly every band imaginable during her high school career: marching, pep, and symphonic, as well as various local and regional honor bands including All County Band, St. Louis Metro Honor Band, and VP Fair Honor Band.   This culminated in her receiving the Director’s Award in 1985.  She would go on to earn her Mathematics degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1990, and her Ph.D. in Mathematics from Rutgers University in 1995. After serving as an Instructor at The University of Texas at Austin she would join the faculty at Texas State University becoming a Full Professor in 2010 and the Chair of the Department of Mathematics at Texas State University in 2015. Dr. Morey has 18 refereed publications in mathematics research journals, with several others currently undergoing the refereeing process. Additionally, she has given over 65 invited talks in 20 different states and across the globe.  Dr. Morey has received multiple awards for teaching, research, and for service from the Department of Mathematics and the College of Science and Engineering. She has also received “Presidential Distinction Award” in research, service, and teaching, becoming the only member of the department to have received this award in all 3 categories. Additional university wide teaching awards received have included the Alpha Chi Honor Society Favorite Professor, Honors College Professor of the Year and the Everette Swinney Teaching Award. As if all of this wasn’t enough, Dr. Morey is very active in her and in her community at large. 



hill pic  Dr. Bradley Hill (Class of 1997)

The Class of 1997’s Class President and Valedictorian would go on to earn his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at the University of Missouri, College of Veterinary Medicine by 2003.  After completing a yearlong internship with Merritt & Associates Equine Hospital in Wauconda, Illinois, Dr. Hill was offered an Associate position within the company, where he continued developing his skills in the art of sports medicine and imaging, as well as horse show medicine.  In 2007 he would form a mobile veterinary company called Performance Equine in Lansing, Michigan, with his focus on sports medicine and lameness primarily in the Arabian and Half-Arabian show horse circuit. In 2011, Dr. Hill and two other veterinarians came together and formed a separate company, Michigan Equine Surgical Associates (MESA) in Bridgeport, Michigan. This group came together to perform stem cell therapies and elective orthopedic surgeries, with an emphasis on arthroscopies. This state-of-the art facility allows for all services to be performed on-site. Dr. Hill was among the leading veterinarians in his industry to implement the use of stem cell therapy into his process (when beneficial) and was industry-leading with his ability to pull and process stem cells on-site. In 2012 Dr. Hill would grow his practice even further and, with a partner, opened a practice, Performance Equine South, in North Texas. Today, with locations now based in Texas, Michigan, and California, Brad, his business partner, and their team of Associates travel throughout the United States, working with the industry’s top trainers, and on the best performance horses in the country.  Equine Athlete serves as the official show veterinarian for the Arabian and Half-Arabian Youth National Championship, Canadian National Championship, the United States Arabian and the Half-Arabian National Championship horse show.