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Fort Zumwalt North High School maintains a comprehensive sports and activities program featuring thirty one clubs and twenty four interscholastic sports.  These activities are each an extension of the academic curriculum and as such, their focus is on the positive development of the student-athlete.  Hard work, determination, cooperation, and good sportsmanship are but a few of the virtues North High’s activities programs seek to develop in our children.    We welcome our Class of 2020 Zumwalt North Panthers.


Clubs and Activities:   North High offers a variety of club activities to its students.  These activities are listed in the next document.  All of these activities begin in September and organizational meetings are announced in the daily student bulletins. 


Affiliations:  Fort Zumwalt North High School is a member of the Missouri State High School Activities Association.  It is the MSHSAA that sets the rules by which all member schools participate.  Locally, our school is a member of the Gateway Athletic Conference Central Division. 


Transportation:   Unlike the Middle Schools, FZSD High Schools do not operate activity busses although bus transport to, and from, away athletic contests are provided.  Transportation home after club meetings and activities are the responsibility of the family.


Physicals:   ALL students in the State of Missouri who wish to compete in interscholastic athletics MUST have a valid physical on file with their school’s athletic office.  This requirement extends to cheerleading and dance team.  The physical forms may be completed by your family physician and turned into the appropriate coach at the first practice or tryout.  A physical completed on or after February 1st of any year will be valid for the rest of that academic year and the following academic year.  Example: if your child receives their physical after 2/1/16, that physical will allow them to compete in any sport for the 2016 - 2017 school year.  By the first practice in August of 2017 however, your child would need a newly completed physical.  The Fort Zumwalt School District no longer offers sports physicals prior to the start of the fall practices so families are advised to secure appointments with their family physicians at the earliest possible date.


Summer Camps:   Many North High coaches offer summer camps at nominal prices.  These camp dates and times will be announced sometime in the spring & registration forms will be available on the website.  Your incoming freshman child may ONLY attend high school affiliated summer camps held by North High coaches.  Example: your daughter is a softball player and she wishes to attend both the North High and West High softball camps, she may only attend the North High camp this summer.  She would lose 365 days of high school athletic eligibility were she to attend the West High camp.  This restriction does not pertain to students who will be in grades K – 8 in the upcoming school year.


Costs:   North High’s athletic programs are free to all students.  Uniforms are provided but shoes, socks, underclothes, swim suits, and ball caps are the responsibility of the students.  Clubs are self-supporting and student fundraisers are undertaken to finance club activities.


Non-Sponsored Sports:   Ice Hockey, Roller Hockey, Lacrosse, Bowling, and their associated spirit squads are activities not recognized by the Missouri State High School Activities Association and are not sponsored in any way by Fort Zumwalt North High School.  These activities will self-organize throughout the school year.


Eligibility:   By MSHSAA policy, all incoming freshman are considered academically eligible for the first semester of their freshman year of high school.  This eligibility does not extend to the second semester.  To remain eligible, all students must successfully pass 3.0 credits of coursework each succeeding semester.  Disciplinary action undertaken by middle school officials that carry over till next year will be honored by North High.


Off-Season Conditioning:   North High’s weight room is available during the summer months to all incoming North High student-athletes who have turned valid physical forms to the FZN Athletic Office.  Many coaches will run off-season conditioning programs to prepare athletes for the upcoming seasons.  Information regarding weight room hours and sport-specific conditioning sessions will be released in late spring.  Please contact the appropriate coach or the Athletic Office for this information at school year’s end.


Tryouts:   Many FZN sports field teams of limited numbers and must select athletes based upon tryout criteria.  Typically, athletes are given a 3-5 day tryout period after which the team is selected.  Athletes injured at the time of tryouts or unable to attend any or all tryout sessions are unlikely to secure a spot on that squad.  A number of our sports have unlimited rosters and do not make “cuts” based upon tryout sessions.  The term “first practice” used in the sections to follow will mean the first tryout session or official practice of a non-selective sport.


Practices:   High school interscholastic sports are very competitive and it is our responsibility to prepare our athletes accordingly.  With this in mind, our coaches will conduct practices every weekday and most Saturdays.  Practices will typically last two hours and are usually held from 2:40 PM - 5:00 PM every school day.  Weather and demand for limited facilities will necessitate holding some practices at other hours of the day, ie. evenings, early mornings.


Locker Rooms:   Most North High athletic lockers require an external lock to secure items.  It is important that all athletes maintain a padlock to secure their valuables when at practice or contests.


Dates of Note



Mon. August 1, 2016                 First practice for fall sports;   Football, Boys Soccer, Girls Tennis,Girls Volleyball, Boys and Girls Cross Country, Softball,and

                                                                        Girls Golf.  Boys Swimming and Diving.   

 Cheer, Dance, and Marching Band will practice throughout the summer months


Mon. October 31, 2016              First practice for Wrestling & Basketball

Mon. November 7, 2016            First practice for Girls Swimming



Mon. February 27, 2017            First practice for spring sports;   Boys and Girls Track, Baseball, Boys Tennis, Girls Soccer, Boys Golf, and Boys Volleyball


FZN Head Athletic Coaches

FALL 2016

                        Boys Soccer – Chris Stockmann                        Football – Joe Bacon                Cross Country – Josh Janisse

                        Girls Golf – Caitlin Combs                                 Girls Tennis – Charles Glotta      Softball – Steve Siebert

                        Girls Volleyball – Mark Morrison                          Dance – Silvia Young               Cheer – Kate McCarthy

                        Boys Swimming – Jay Young

WINTER 2016 - 2017


                        Girls Swimming – Jay Young                 Boys Basketball – Charles Glotta Wrestling – Josh Cooper

                        Girls Basketball – Jeremy Rapp             Dance – Silvia Young                  Cheer – Kate McCarthy




                        Girls Track – Jeannine Nesslage             Boys Track – Charles Glotta       Baseball – Steve Siebert

                        Boys Golf – TBD                                   Girls Soccer – Jackie Layne       Boys Tennis – Cody Orr

                        Boys Volleyball – Mark Morrison



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